Dearly Beloved:                                                                           

            I am writing to respond to so many of you who wrote or called after Roger’s obituary appeared in The Baylor Line and to update those of you are often on my mind, but seldom at my doorstep.

            It has now been nearly a year since Roger passed away.  Those words have such a sense of unreality to them – probably always will.  In many ways, the girls and I were violently launched on a trip from which we can never return on that day in October.  And we have seen such strange, and strangely beautiful, territory.  We’ve had days of wild emotional lurching and days of aching emptiness.  But there have been little glimmers of peace, too.   Your prayers have been companions of comfort through these months.  My mantra at those moments is a line from Kahlil Gibran:  “The deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” 

            I know some of you did not know Roger well, and even if you knew us as a couple, you probably didn’t get much of a chance because I was the verbal half of our equation.  But I would like to share a bit of him with you.   He was the proverbial unseen bloom:  few knew the depth of his creative, calm, intelligent strength.  Ten years ago he attended the funeral of a casual acquaintance.  His thoughts began to wander and several days later his family and I received this letter (which I’ve excerpted a little):