About the American Watercolor Society

The American Watercolor Society started in New York on December 5th, 1866. Through its over 130 year history they have encouraged and developed the watercolor painting community through events and gatherings and specifically through its annual exhibitions. The Annual Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society is an exhibition juried by Signature Members who have been elected by the membership. It has been the purpose of the Society to promote the art of watercolor painting and to exhibit annually works from the best contemporary watercolorists. The annual exhibition is open to all artists working in water soluble media on paper. For more information visit the American Watercolor Society.


About Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart's natural gift of art led him to high school drafting classes and to a master's degree in Architecture at Texas A&M University. In the mid 70’s Mark began studying and experimenting with watercolor painting techniques. From that time Mark has engaged in dual careers of art and architecture. As an architect, he has designed libraries and museums, including Houston's Clayton Genealogical Research Library, and heads up historical renovation and preservation of public buildings. Meanwhile, Mark has had many one man exhibitions and is currently represented by MorrisWhiteside Galleries, Trailside Gallery, and Riverbend Fine Art. He has been featured in Southwest Art, American Artist, and Art Talk Magazine and has also been shown at the Museum of the Art of the American West, the University Center Galleries at Texas A&M, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Tucson Museum of Art, Albuquerque Museum of Art and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

For more details on this painting including availability of purchasable prints visit Putting Her Hair Up .