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Ruminations part 4 . . .

On the Surface

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Ruminations part 4 . . .

"On the Surface."

"Nope. We're not going to talk about that one."

"Yes we are because this is MY imaginary conversation. You can go have your own conversation and make it turn out any way you want!" I say this while I am fondling his tickle spot, so his eyes are laughing and once again, he knows I am right.

I explain: "The deeper meaning of this painting is in the very nature of our argument about it! You painted it to be hung horizontally, but I noticed how many people cocked their head to the side when they looked at it to connect with the figure. 'It should be hung vertically,' I told you."

[We did notice that the men tended to like it horizontal (MALE CODE: practically naked females should always be horizontal) and women tended to connect better with it vertically. To be fair to the men, the technical prowess of the painting is more apparent when the painting is horizontal - the masterful rendering of water washing over sun-warmed skin tones isn't overwhelmed by the presence of the figure when the painting is hung in the horizontal orientation.]

I look in my husband's eyes. "Even though this is a painting of our daughter, the best thing about it, to me, is the back of it. Because you took 30 minutes to add hanging wire that would hang the painting vertically to acknowledge and honor my perspective, even if you didn't agree with me."

"So, do I get the prize as a husband, or an artist?"

"You are the best husband AND the best artist. Please kiss me now."


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