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Ruminations part 2

Immigrant Son

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Ruminations part 2

"Or, that painting of Uncle Willie with the thick Czech accent - the one you named Immigrant Son. I love the way you composed it, with the path leading up, in front of him - a path taking him to his work and life purpose in what was once, to him, a new land. Except he's kind of old now and he's been up and down that path probably a thousand times. Past and present seem to merge in this painting."

"Girl, you've gotten good at Artspeak. The thing I like best about that painting is the hat. It cooperated with me."

"But didn't you feel a connection or something with Uncle Willie? A connection with the thousands of simple men like him who labor in obscurity?

"Oh, I guess. Talking about it messes with all that, somehow."

"That's just your imagination," I say, with an edge. He reminds me this is an imaginary conversation. Pretending to ignore His Cheekiness, I continue.


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