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Mark to Sue 28

May 22

Dear Sue:

       Yesterday, especially last night between 8 and 12, we got the rain you had the previous night. Streets flooded and cars were stalled everywhere. I went out during a lull and waded through 12-14" of water to see cars stalled at every intersection, drivers walking and wading through any available parking lot. With all the large trees we have, tree debris always stops up some drainage path, and watching those areas during heavy storms is a task to which I've appointed myself. With all that going on, I had the urge to write you, but I resisted. While I look forward to hearing from you, I didn't want to make you feel obligated to respond during what I know is an intensely busy time for you.

      Emotional dependence is building from this end, too. It's like the tsunami you described weeks ago, and I'm powerless to control its force. Last night I channel surfed to a Christian station and witnessed a discussion about the cashless society and the Christian's approach to such financial issues. As with most discussions, portents of the mark of the Beast, future calamities, and Second Coming left me disturbed - disturbed about the future. Just a few weeks ago, I was ready for the end, even looking forward to heaven - avoiding more pain here on earth. Financial concerns and future calamities were back burner items. The future just wasn't a concern. Now things are different. This emotional dependence has changed my mind -- now I want this old world to go on a while longer . . . more time to enjoy you!


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