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Sue to Mark 28 pt 2

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Sue to Mark 28 pt 2

May 21

Dear Mark:

It could be a frightening thing, but I'm beginning to depend on you emotionally. I have had a hard day - a discouraging day. I am overwhelmed with the enormity of detail and responsibilities I must attend to here at the end of school. Although school ends tomorrow, I won't begin to see the light of day until next week. I know I won't have to go through this exactly the same way next year. Already I have ideas on how to organize things to prevent that. But right now, I don't have a choice but to ride this thing out and I am NOT having fun!!! I realized how much of a boost your e-mails are when I didn't find one from you today. I know that's not fair, really. I know you would have sent one if you could - I can guess that your day was fairly wild, too.

Did Colby ever get to his party? So, it's probably useless to insist that you not feel pressured when I tell you how much strength I draw from our contact. And although I'm sorry to apply this pressure, I'm just going to go ahead and make it worse. I wish more than anything for one of those enfolding, world-dissipating, I-can-hear-your-heart-beating embraces . . .





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