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Mark to Sue 26


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Mark to Sue 26

May 18

Dear Sue:

      Running on adrenalin? That - and insanity! I got up at 5:30 this morning and hit the road about 6:10. Thanks for the permission to rest, but I have some salty, wet things (from our afternoon at the beach) along with our regular laundry to wash for school tomorrow. So between loads, I can write you.

       I've had a few blind dates during my college years, but I didn't occur to me to think of our experience last night as a blind date until I was driving back. What happened last night had all the potential of being a stress level 1,000 kind of experience. But it wasn't. At least not for me. I admit to being tired, and I could tell at the Fairmont that you were, too. It wasn't fair of me to let things continue like that. I just wanted to continue being with you in spite of the fatigue. You have a splendid way with words . . . "e-mail perception corrected by reality." So well put, but the correction for me was no more than a few degrees to the right of true north.

        I'm not sure what you meant by "impediment", and I won't assume to know anything here - but please elaborate for me? I agree with you about the children. In fact, I would like to find a way, at least from this end, to broach that subject with them in preparation for a time to meet you - but no rush.

        A thought occurred to me last night that became clearer as I drove back this morning. I told a friend some months ago, that it would be nice to have an "instant" relationship - a connection with someone I could easily and naturally hook up with and pick up where Glenda and I left off. I knew at the time how impossible that would be. And yet, I think I'm finding myself in that very place - a place of incredible attraction and comfort. I know there is still a long way to go. We need time together without kids. Time to play, to develop our own vocabulary of expression. I want to rub your shoulders and not worry whether you finish a sentence. I want to get completely comfortable with you -to see how it is when I'm unshaven and you're devoid of make-up, even grubby. Are we ready for that?


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