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Sue to Mark 27 pt. 2

          Emalee is going to church camp June 2-7. Ellee could go to my mother-in-law's sometime that week. And I know I could find arrangements for Erin somewhere here. I could drive to Houston during that week sometime by myself. We could make it just time for ourselves - or I could join your family for a picnic - or the beach (is there a beach close by?) or both - or whatever. I'm thinking about taking the two younger girls to San Antonio this weekend. We're out on Thursday, but Emalee has school all next week. I need to see Dad. Although I talk daily to either Mom or Marianne (my youngest sister), I just want to be with him. Of course, all of this depends on getting that funny noise in the car checked out.

           I agree with you about the importance of grubbiness. Although I'm secretly of the opinion that life is too short not to be AGAP (As Gorgeous As
Possible) every moment, I'm into reality, too! I can do grubby. "Vocabulary of expression" - very well-put! How about anything real, slow, sensitive, responsive but strong, confident with a touch of "tease", assured, controlled energy/passion . . . does that formulate anything in your head? I look forward to more comfortable, easy, deeply joyful times together!




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