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Sue to Mark 27

Good Evening!

        It is extremely wet here. I had to take Ellee to ballet and wondered if we would get back in one piece. It has been raining as hard as it can rain for about 2 hours and the streets are scary. On top of that, I know something's wrong with the car. I've got to get it in to the shop - it's making a funny noise when I make sharp turns, and I lose the power steering. I think it has something to do with the air conditioner because when I turn that off, the problem isn't as bad. I was supposed to attend a long-range planning meeting at the church tonight - they want me to help with the writing of the plan - but I didn't want to chance it on the streets. So, it's raining, dinner's over, it's cozy in my "office" and although I've got to make up a 10 page Lit final tonight, I'm going to dash off a little note to you before I buckle down.

       By "impediment", I meant the things that are working against the ideal, easy progression of our relationship -primarily the distance and the difficulty of making the inevitably complicated arrangements for the kids if we want to be together. Things would be easier if we lived in the same town. Speaking of which - here are some things to think about: I like the idea of coming to Pine Cove for a day or two of Family Camp. Let's pursue that possibility. And here's the deal on our trip out west. After our Grand Canyon float, the girls and I are parting company with my sisters and their girls and driving to Las Vegas for 3 or 4 nights. We're staying at the MGM Grand and I think I mentioned that I reserved an extra room each night (with 2 queen beds). You (and your kids) have a standing invitation to join us for any or all of those nights. I know this sounds like a direct reversal of my statement last night about leaving the kids out of the configuration for a while, but this is still 6-8 weeks out and hopefully, you and I will have had some time together by then. There is so much to do in Las Vegas . . . we could include some educational stuff, too, maybe go to Hoover Dam one day. A friend told me about a great show called Cirque de Soleil. She gave me a program and it does sound intriguing. Of course, you could just come by yourself, which would be a whole different dynamic.

                     Here is another thought:


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