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Mark to Sue 25

May 18

Dear Sue:

         I just got back, and as I suspected, the road between Dallas and my house in Houston can be driven in under four hours (barring traffic problems). I was having trouble staying awake until I remembered the M&Ms and OJ you left for me, which drove away the sleepies. I hope you got more rest than I did last night.

         Since I had four hours on the road to "evaluate", I've got much to share. Unfortunately, that will have to happen after the kids and I return from an afternoon at the beach house with Glenda's family.

         But I don't want to go until I tell you that being with you last night was terrific. Probably the top moment for me happened during the Mahler Symphony when our hands met. It was a thrill to actually touch you after thinking about you for so long - a thrill perfectly underscored by that thundering music. I am hoping that the moment had at least a whisper of the meaning for you that it did for me . . .

         I'm seriously exhausted now. I'm sure that state won't be improved when I return tonight, but nothing but a coma could keep me from picking back up with you as soon as I can.




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