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Sue to Mark 24 pt 2

Hide and Seek

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Sue to Mark 24 pt 2

. . . but it occurred to me that you might not be totally comfortable with meeting in the lobby . . . do you have a better idea?

            I had to giggle at the image of you in your No Fear T-shirt.  All you needed to complete the ensemble was a Mossimo baseball cap on backwards and your bifocals!  Too cool!  I had perfect vision all my life Ė until I turned 40.  God does have such a great sense of irony.  Just when youíre on the verge of Figuring It Out, youíve convinced yourself you were never better, youíre at the total top of your form, your body starts to fall apart:  your eyes blur, your joints start to give out at the most inconvenient moments, your brain cells misfire.  Sometimes I canít think of simple words like ďwashing machine.Ē  I tell the kids to go turn on the  . . . um . . . the . . . uh . . . well . . . THE DAMN THING!!!  I need bifocals, too.  I even had one of those necklace things that hangs them around your neck a la Old Maid English Teacher.

  I could identify with the 18-in-a-45-yr-old-body thing.  I still feel like a girl.  Iíve even worried that something was wrong with me, that surely I should feel like a woman after three kids and the death of a husband.  I guess my biggest problem is that Iím not sure how a womanís supposed to feel on the inside.  Oh well.  Too much navel-gazing, no doubt.

            I will leave you with two little thoughts a friend gave me today, which I enjoyed.


                                                Most people donít                            

                                                Know there are

                                                Angels whose only

                                                Job is to make sure

                                                You donít get too

                                                Comfortable and fall

                                                Asleep and miss your




I was never good at hide and seek

because Iíd always make enough noise

so my friends would be sure to find me.

I donít have anyone to play those games

With anymore, but now and then I make

enough noise just in case someone is

still looking and hasnít found me yet . . .


            I feel . . .  found!






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