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Mark to Sue 23

May 15

Dear Sue:

       You're so right about the late hours - but sometimes that's all I've got. Your letter two nights ago was so revealing - I couldn't leave you wondering about my response. I hope it made sense because fatigue was clouding all my thought circuits.

        I look forward to your call tonight. Reality? OK, here's mine: I have dark blond hair, graying at the temples. I'm 6'4" tall, but sometimes have trouble standing due to two left knee surgeries, an overworked right knee and a back injury. Sometimes I think I'm smiling when I'm not, therefore my countenance appears more somber than I feel. It's a good tool to have in your arsenal if you coach anything. At 45, I sometimes embarrass my 14 year old by wearing "No Fear" T-shirts and faded jeans to his school. I have blue eyes and have worn contacts most of my life. Lately I've become dependent on those funny half- reading glasses when I'm doing detailed work (reading the phone book, threading a needle, pulling splinters, etc). I feel like I'm 18 in this 45 year old body, although it frequently reminds me of its age.

       I like wine with dinner, too, and images of you taking a shower by candlelight are #&*$&*#$%XO1#! I have an overdue library book myself right now . . . thanks for reminding me.

       I'm glad to hear the good report about your Dad. I know that being on the steady road to recovery sets everyone's mind at ease - just don't become impatient. It will still take time.

        Well . . . I must stop and go to work, too. I will gladly accept the sharing of phone calls - and look forward to hearing your voice tonight. Contemplation of those ankles isn't curing me of distraction, either. My imagination is relentlessly male and can't just stop there . . . .



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