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Sue to Mark 23, pt 2

 . . . I have no mental images - I just want it to play out the way it's supposed to, so I'm not creating any scenarios. Maybe we aren't moving into COMPLETELY unknown territory. Much of the landscape is known, is familiar, is trusted. I'm so grateful that "games" and uncertainty will be unnecessary. This has all proceeded the way it was supposed to and we are wise, I think, to recognize that it shouldn't and can't be like our former marriages. That, too, is as it should be. My only tiny worry is that our image of the other is probably still on the ideal side. You need to remember that I am 42 with wrinkles and cellulite in all the respective places! I have some annoying habits -- like popping gum! (Used to drive Roger nuts.) I have annoying idiosyncrasies . . . to my knowledge, I have never returned a library book or video on time, I always take showers by candlelight, and I allow myself a glass of wine when I'm cooking dinner. I guess I keep harping on this stuff because I want this THING to be based on what's REAL.

        It occurred to me that I haven't updated you on Dad lately. Although he is still in ICU, he is doing much better. The ventilator came out several days ago. He's been sitting up in a chair and should get the feeding tube out in several days. We're hoping he will be released to a regular hospital room sometime over the weekend. Mom is tired, of course, but can sit with him most of the day and be an encouragement. He's trying to be a good patient and is succeeding most of the time, but gets discouraged at the relentless discomfort and restraint. Oh, poor Dad!

         I must now try to get back to my schoolwork. I feel you close and that feels good - but does tend to disrupt my concentration . . . mmmm . . .those shoulders(!)



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