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Mark to Sue 22 pt. 2

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Mark to Sue 22 pt. 2

I don't want to glorify or disparage the past - it was as God meant it to be and it was good. But this is new, this structure we're building into the future, and it can be good, too. I, too, believe in the Pygmalion effect. So does God . . . Christ died so that we could experience Holy love and feel inestimable worth in our seemingly worthless and unlovely selves (we see value in ourselves because He sees value in us and gave His life to redeem us). I am different from Roger and you are different from Glenda, and what God creates between us will be different. My inner self wants consistency - but God is building something unique and different here. Why not? He has never created two of anything. Even two oak trees are infinitely unique.

             It frightens me to move into completely unexplored territory. All the baggage we both carry will soon be left behind. I don't want to say the same things to you in just the same way I did with Glenda. I want them to be fresh, custom-tailored for you, and I think the way you will relate to me will be fresh as well. So, let's see what happens . . .





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