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Sue to Mark 22 pt 2

 I am a firm believer in the power of the Pygmalion effect. People have a tendency to fulfill your expectations about them. I've proved this over and over with my students. If they get the impression that I think they are bright - they generally are! They are fulfilling what they think my impression of them is. I can't remember if I tried to tell Roger about this or not, or if it only occurred to me after he was gone. But if only he had somehow known that all he had to do was give me the impression that he believed I was capable, intelligent, humorous, sensitive and spiritual, then I think I could have been that for him - and for me, too, because that is what I wanted to be - my best self for the glory of God and our joy together as a couple.

                 So, with you there are such hopeful, promising possibilities -- shot through with fear.
I want you to know the secret up front. I respond powerfully to what I think your image of me is, so decide now what you want that to be. It is complicated, though, because I did feel uncomfortable with "purity and crystal-like delicacy." I'm too complication to be pure, and too tough to be delicate. (But maybe you meant something else, I don't know.) So bless your heart, you are up against it! Are you sure you're ready to get all tangled up with an inconsistent, complicated, damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't female????

                                                                      Are you?




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