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Mark to Sue 20 pt. 2

          I know how to be natural with a woman. I know how to be myself and I want to be that way with you when we meet. These letters have been natural for me and I hope for you, too. I pray that our personal encounter will be the same. We've "been" with others. Roger and Glenda were God's gift to us. We learned how to be one with another, and you and I have been left here with the benefits of those blessings. While this is a new beginning, to me there is something familiar and comfortable about it. A familiarity and comfort that I'm attracted to. You're a person I've never met, yet you're not a stranger. Typical barriers to a natural comfort level don't seem to exist. I'm discovering something new, but it's only warm and enticing. The stiffness and uncertainty I often feel with new people is simply not there. Is this as remarkable for you as it is for me? Maybe this is part of what Christ meant when He said "Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted . . ." I am stunned and amazed at the comfort God has brought me, completely unexpected. I feel as though I'm going to know your hand when I hold it.

        This is a lot, I know. But I needed to express it. Now I'll catch my breath, get a drink of water and get back to work. Thoughts of you will be with me all the while.




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