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Sue to Mark 19 pt 3

Middleton Fall

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Sue to Mark 19 pt 3

You were sweet to try to rationalize a number of my "bad" qualities for me! Especially my lack of compassion, which is nevertheless a problem, despite your rationalization. But you were fairly on target about my being decisive. I think a shopping trip with me would show you a lot. I usually go in and buy the first thing that works. I despise the "hunt".   If it fits, is reasonably priced, looks hot, I go with it! (You probably should know that clothing is one of my weaknesses. I'm afraid my double walk-in closet is packed to the brim. I use almost everything I've got, however, so I've found a way to justify it.) Ever the pragmatist, this is basically my decision-making strategy: "If it works, it's right."

          I wanted to respond to at least one other topic: arms and shoulders. I think I can join Glenda on that one. Although I can't see your face in the one picture I have of you, the shoulders come in loud and clear. That "pretty picture" you mentioned has found its way into my imagination, as well . . . have we come far enough to indulge an embrace the very first thing? Or would it be sweeter to delay a little, a little . . . and then?? . . . why do I do this? I'm driving myself crazy.

                                                    Won't you join me??




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