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Sue to Mark 19



May 9

Dear Mark:

         Oh, I'm so very glad Saturday might work out! Yes, yes, of course it is still open! I was not going to ask anyone else to go with me (I've alternated the girls and various buddies over the course of the season) if you couldn't go. I was just going to go by myself and fantasize about you being there in the empty chair. I don't know, though. I just believed you'd get to come, somehow.

            We're planning a trip to East Texas this weekend to see Roger's family tomorrow. His Dad lives in Rusk, a little town 30 minutes from Tyler and his Mom lives in Tyler. They've been divorced since 1972 but can get together when necessary. They are dear people and we stay in close contact. Roger is buried in the Cook Family cemetery way out in the country between Rusk and Lufkin. It probably sounds odd to say that we enjoy going to that cemetery - but we do. It's set back off the country road, with a small covered service pavilion to the left and a historical marker at the entrance. Blackberry bushes cover the chain-link fence to the north and horses roam the perimeter pasture. Pappy (Roger's father) and the girls and I will go there tomorrow to plant bulbs, pick blackberries and have a picnic lunch. Rog loved this little cemetery and he is related to everyone he's keeping company with now, so it's a comfort to think of him there. I will be there someday, as well.


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