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Sue to Mark 17

May 27

Dear Doc:

        I can be available this Saturday - but I had another thought . . . (she says so lightly, as if it just occurred to her!) Is there any way your business in Dallas could be deferred until next Saturday (May 17th)? You may remember my mention of my parents' trip to Dallas scheduled for that weekend. Of course, they can't come - Dad probably won't even be out of the hospital by then. But I still have symphony tickets for that night, and I guess it's sort of my fantasy scenario to set this "thing" of ours to music. This was my first year to have DSO season tickets. My seats are right above the orchestra. As an artist and an architect, I know you would appreciate the incredibly sensual experience it is. I believe I.M. Pei designed the Meyerson Symphony Hall and even for a person who knows zilch about architecture, I think it is stunning. The inside is incredibly warm, intimate and magic. They're doing Brahms and a Mahler symphony that night. The first time I heard the DSO do a Mahler, I didn't recover for days, it was so beautiful. (I'm lapsing in "rhapsody" mode . . . you'll learn to recognize this hyperbolic mode for what it is, hopefully, and just indulge me!

         Classical music may not be your favorite, so it's a little touchy even suggesting this. Also, for the first time together, you may not want anything on the agenda at all. But, I do think this would be something very memorable on a lot of levels. They serve a fun nouveau pasta dinner and drinks on the Commons beforehand, so at the very least, you'd be fed! This plan would give you some additional time to make arrangements for the kids and . . . it would give us a little more time to bathe this thing in prayer. All of this depends, of course, on the nature of your business in Dallas. I couldn't tell from your note if this was something that could be deferred or not. In any case, please fill me in!


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