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Mark to Sue 16


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Mark to Sue 16

May 7

Dear Sue:

            I've spent all of my life in proper conduct - no crazy, wild rebellious period (maybe one or two stupid moments). I follow the laws of man and the laws of God, in fact I would not know how to live outside of the latter and have no serious interest in trying. As I look at this thing that is growing between us (I'm truly sorry, thing is not a pejorative - I just don't know what to call it), I'm trying to determine the next step. My usual way is to bounce a question off God in prayer and see what happens. During the last hour, since reading your latest installment, I've been doing just that. I usually look to see where God's boundaries are, so as not to step or reach beyond them. But a very refreshing impression hit me. I looked around and realized I was standing in a beautiful landscape of perfumed grass, proliferating wildflowers, undulating hills, mighty forests, and a sky forever blue - and I was told to enjoy it! I was so safely within the boundaries that I could roam free and never see them. And God said, "Enjoy it." This wonderful place was our "thing". I know it could be a mirage, an illusion. But it is still beautiful and I still want it.

My fantasy scenarios? Well . . . g u l p. . . I mentioned the image I had of you working, in one of my recent letters. I saw you standing by a table with your hand and arms stretched toward some papers, maybe school papers. The room was lit by a lamp at the left end of the table. I came silently up behind you, slipped my hands around your waist and pulled you close - close enough to press my cheek against the back of your hair and for your fragrance to fill my head. Was that innocent enough?!! (I hope you get this before your children do!) I still can't believe I'm thinking this way about someone I've never met. Back to reality.

             This next idea is a totally undeveloped, raw idea, (in fact I'll probably discover reasons why it can't happen from my end before the day is over). But I'll put this "out there" for us to discuss. I may have a good art-related reason to be in Dallas this Saturday, and was reminded of it this afternoon. Is your Saturday evening booked? The logistics of engineering this from my end are huge - but maybe? Is it too soon for us to meet? Are we ready?

             Please tell me your thoughts. The Patient must tell her Doctor everything in order for him to make the right prescription.

                Dr. Stewart



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