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Mark to Sue 14, part 3

           Ok. On to more mundane topics: Yes, I also think antibiotics are over-prescribed and it's been a real challenge for me to discover when to say when. To know when my remedies need to give way to professional care. I even toyed with the idea of not getting the tendon in my elbow fixed last summer - stupid idea since I make my living with it! Your children: Emalee is 14 yrs old? (My Wes is 14); Erin is 11? (my Colby is 11); Ellee must be 7? (My Kayla is soon to be 6). You have a cat and a dog? We have three cats - a year ago each of my kids got to select one from a "pack" of kittens some friends had in Rosebud, TX.

           My church is a Bible Church and the Hays attend it, too. I was reared as a Baptist, but made a change during my college years. I've been attending my current church for nearly 25 years.

             Knick-knacks bother me, too, but I can tolerate them. Coupons drive me nuts, too, but I've inherited about 5,000 no-expiration date coupons and yes, I confess, I use them. There must be some therapy that can help me with this.

             Well, as you can see, I'm about out of meaningful stuff for now, so I need to break away. But I have two incongruous bits of information I feel compelled to close with. First - Kayla was riding her bike yesterday afternoon while I was working outside. As she was coasting by, OUT OF THE BLUE she says "Daddy, if you married someone else, would you love them more or mommy?" We've never talked about me remarrying. Since I just sent you a letter a few hours before, I was stunned by the nature and timing of this question. Have your children ever touched on this subject with you? Second: Since you mentioned arms in previous letters and I picked up on the subject earlier in this one, I thought I would give you a puzzle piece to muse over, especially since it came from Glenda. I once asked her what feature about me attracted her to me. She replied "shoulders". I hope that doesn't challenge the boundaries of propriety . . .


           I'll close for now and look forward to your response. So far nothing scares me. The colors in the tapestry seem more vivid.





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