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Sue to Mark 13

Dear Mark:                                                                                        May 3

Weíve received some disconcerting news about Dad.  I wonder if you would pray once more that he pulls through.  Itís so hard to be continually pulled from the heights to the depths on this.  Iím so tired of this emotional roller coaster.  And so sad that Dad has had to suffer so much.  But anyway, this infection heís had for several days has become a problem and they will have to open him up again tomorrow morning to clean it out.  Theyíre also concerned about fluid in the lungs, which they plan to drain during the surgery.  Thank you once again for your prayers.

            I felt a little twinge of fear this afternoon as I imagined how your concept  of me has altered.  I believe ultimately it will be a good thing. But I did want to qualify something.  I think perhaps I was a little too extreme about the coupon thing.  I only hate coupons because I canít handle the detail.  I didnít mean any condescension toward Glenda.  I sort of wistfully admire people who have that much of their lives together.  Iím macro-organized.   My house can Ė and does Ė look fairly neat.  Iím just not micro-organized.  Open a drawer and you have disaster.

            You are such a brave soul to take on more children single-handedly.  I think we were probably cooking breakfast for our respective crews about the same time this morning!   Bye for now . . .
















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