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Sue to Mark 12

May 3

Good Morning Mark:                                                                      

            I tried to do this last night, but there was too much excitement around here.  (I often wonder why I got the “exciting” life.)  Ellee had two little friends over to spend the night and the house was vibrating with 1st grade energy, creativity, and noise.  I was upstairs trying to get some work done when Ellee called up ,


 “Mom, there’s a wolf at the window!” 


“OK, Ellee, I’ll be right there.” (My usual answer to nearly everything.  “Right there” means 10 minutes or so.)


            “Mom, Teaffers (our cat) is going ballistic over this wolf!  You better come!”


            This got my attention.  The cat is fairly reliable.  Before I could get downstairs, the little girls had opened the door and the cat shot out.  Out streamed the entire family and the “wolf” instantly appeared – a beautiful, lean, mean-looking Husky (with rabies tags, fortunately).  The cat and the wolf instantly inaugurated World War III.  The conflict could be heard downtown.  Teaffers finally found refuge in the wheel well of a neighbor’s van and was absolutely fixed, hissing and frothing at the mouth in an extremely serious way.  We also have a Sheltie – and Teaffers has never acted this way with him.  I know what terrorized cats are capable of, damage-wise, so I was fairly worried about how to get him out of there.  The “wolf” turned out to be a total love, slobbering over us and knocking us in the head with his 15-MPH tail, laying on his back to have his tummy scratched, etc.  None of this moved the cat, who was continuing to “spit venom”, as Erin called it.  I called 911 and they dispatched Animal Control.


            In the meantime, I was 30 minutes late to pick Emalee up from school.  She had just returned from her Wilderness trip to Arkansas (their bus was already delayed 2 hours because they had to stop and fix the brakes before they could make it down the mountain . . . these little news items are so comforting.)  But God does meet needs.  Even in relatively little stuff like this, I’ve learned to just sit back and watch Him work.  One of the coaches brought Emalee home.  The neighbor who owned the wolf drove by and retrieved him, and Animal Control finally showed up and extracted the cat from the neighbor’s van.  By this time it was nearly 11:00 p.m. and time to start the laundry!








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