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Mark to Sue 11 part 2

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Mark to Sue 11 part 2

                  IT'S A GO. Please tell me everything. Or tell me what you want. I'm patient. I need to tell you something else that's amazing me about this experience, and I've been holding this back for about three weeks. As I mentioned in my last letter, I've become sensitive about "set up" situations (whether imagined or not). They always seem to be initiated by people close to me, therefore requiring my best effort to make a tactful dodge. After our fourth or fifth e-mail session, I realized my interest in you was unexpectedly high. Why did this whole thing begin? I started it with my card to you, but Jan Hays really started it by sharing your letter to them with me (by the way, she is deeply regretful if that offended you). Was this a subtle set-up by her? I had to stop by their house to help them with something about that time. Jan was there, Barry wasn't. I told Jan that you and I had been corresponding, and that I was enjoying it. Her eyes dropped and a slight smile appeared. Then I knew. She HAD ever-so-subtly set this up. She went on to tell me, rather nervously, how she and Barry had thought and prayed about this for the past year! Their quiet conclusion, upon receiving your letter, was to share it with me under the pretext that I might like to read your insights following the death of a spouse - then they would wait and see what the Lord would do.

                 So . . . please, let's proceed. I, too, am afraid of jarring "too painfully the ideal pictures in each other's heads," but I'm just a little too excited to not follow through and explore what God is doing. I pray His perfect will be done, and blessings on both us and our children.





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