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Sue to Mark 11

April 30

Dear Mark:

         I have a thousand thoughts. And they are all in a log-jam. No way to get them out tonight . . . I am so exhausted. I am grateful that it is just exhaustion, however, and not turmoil. I did want to share one thought with you before I turn in. Way back in early March, when Dad's surgery was scheduled, I remember thinking , " What will I do if something happens to Dad?? I can't go through this by myself. There will be no one to hold me and comfort me and help me through it." I wasn't bright enough to pray about it. Sometimes my spiritual stupidity is alarming! But the Lord answered even my un-prayed prayer. By the time I got to the hospital that first night, I felt so anchored, so at peace. I kept checking myself all week for anxiety or fear and it wasn't there. I marveled privately and thanked God. So many were praying for Dad, but now I believe it was your prayers for me that established that place of peace in me. Someone was holding me in his thoughts and prayers and my gratitude to both you and God is profound.

         I will try to unblock my "log-jam" of thoughts sometime tomorrow night. It will probably be twice the challenge tomorrow night as I can think of little but . . .

                                       . . . you



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