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Mark to Sue 10, part 2


Well, now for the really interesting stuff.  My good friend Barry Hays met me for lunch today.  In his typical diplomatic manner, he told me about the phone conversation he had with you last night.  If there were any person in the world for you to talk to about me, Barry would be the best.  We talked, we prayed, and we marveled at what the Lord was doing.


            One night in January the kids had friends sleeping over.  Since I couldn’t concentrate on anything work-related, I decided to redeem the time by responding to some “thinking of you” type cards I had received during the past year.  A copy of your letter to the Hays was in the stack of cards and for some reason I felt compelled to send you a note.  The other cards I sent were “thank you” types, but I went to the studio and got out the Winslow Homer card for you.  . . . . And now, here we are.  I still can’t really comprehend how we got “here” from “there”.


            While last week I was concerned for your dad, I confess that my concern for your well-being was heavier.  I stopped myself several times during the week to analyze my feelings:  why was I distracted this way?  Sue, I don’t know why, but I have the desire to know you better, a completely unexpected, unanticipated, urge that I can’t explain.  This is VERY unusual for me, particularly in the absence of a personal encounter.  I know that the deaths of Roger and Glenda, juggling children, careers, households, etc., make it easy for us to develop a bond, but that still doesn’t fully explain . . . this.


            During the past few months my sister, friends at church, friends at school and two ladies in person, have tried to engineer dates or “situations” for me.  Maybe you’ve had similar experiences.  I generally dodge those situations when I sense them approaching because it just feels artificial.  But this – this paper connection between you and me – has felt natural.  It has been a joy, in fact.          


            I have a lot more I want to express, but time is growing short for me tonight.  It will take time for me to understand and share them with you.  Please continue with me . . . and pray about things.















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