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Sue to Mark 10, part 3

Beaufort Square

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Sue to Mark 10, part 3

         You are wise, I think, to finally conclude that God is at work on us, "writing a testimony about Himself on our hearts" (applause here for fine writing!) That counts as a beautiful vista, don't you think?

         It was fun to learn about your eccentric candy and flower preferences and to share in your quiet "ice" moments. I did go to the library to check on the '93 article about you in American Artist. It was good to learn you're an Aggie. Aggies run in my family. My maternal grandfather was a diehard Aggie, my brother a confirmed CT, along with my brother-in-law (the compulsive vacuumer) who was head yell-leader at A&M in 1981-82.

         Life is full of irony. Your "temptation" to suggest personal contact, but your concern that something fragile and precious might be lost, echoes my thoughts on that subject EXACTLY. I do and I don't. I copied your article from microfiche and on the last page is a picture of a really good looking button-down . . . but the face is in shadow. What a tease! I'm a person who can tolerate paradox and mystery, can even find entertainment in the situation. Keat's "Ode on a Grecian Urn" is somewhat germaine here because in analyzing a beautiful and ancient work of art, he's really talking about freezing time at its most poignantly vibrant and perfect moment. But of course, we are not a work of art, and at some point this ideal world we're creating will become sterile if we don't introduce some reality into it.

        I have been deeply touched by your concern for me and my family during Dad's ordeal. Again, I was sorry to hear that your focus was thrown off. I hope you make your deadline on Tuesday.

I would love to see more of your work. The black and white pieces in the microfiched article were a tease, too. Couldn't tell much about them since they were so fuzzy.

Bye for now . . .



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