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Mark to Sue 6, part 3

      You are right - there is beauty all around. Two weeks ago I delivered some of my paintings to a gallery in Marble Falls and I got to see the flowers. I prefer Indian paintbrush to bluebonnets, but then you're talking to a bona fide aberrant-type - one who likes orange-juice with his Peanut M&Ms.

      The Emily Dickinson poem was nice - "First the Chill - then Stupor, then the letting go." It touched off a series of poignant memories.

      I hope your exam went well. It does seem silly to require a certificate to teach. I, too, have a master's degree and was asked at my oral exams to consider delaying my entry into the business world to teach in the department of architecture for a few years. (I did student teaching all through graduate school.) A university will take you with a master's degree, but that's not enough for public schools!

      This may sound too forward, but I have an unexpected contentment sharing things with you. Like you, I think we have just scratched the surface of so many issues, and writing doesn't always seem expedient. I feel as though I should send you a resume - but I'm not really applying for anything. (Or maybe I am.) I'm tempted to suggest personal contact, but I'm concerned that THAT would be tampering with something fragile and precious. I look forward to the raised flag on the e-mail box - your words have been stimulating and encouraging. Next time either give me some history about yourself or revisit some of the issues raised in previous letters - or whatever.

       Until next time . . .




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