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Sue to Mark 5, part 3

       Thank you for your concern about my Dad. My parents live on the edge of the hill country southwest of San Antonio. Dad was a colonel in the Air Force and they are close to the military establishment there. His surgery will occur at an air Force hospital in San Antonio. I have a brother and sister who live in the area and they will be there for Dad's surgery. I will go home, of course, if the surgery doesn't go well. But at the moment, we're expecting all to go well. They are planning a trip to Dallas the third week in May. Dad is quite the Texas history buff and I'm doing a unit on Indians of Texas at school. He will come speak to my classes and then we will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary at the Dallas Symphony that Saturday night.

      There are so many other items in your last installment I want to respond to i.e. C. S . Lewis: (I did a book review of A Grief Observed for Baptist women in our church 6 months before Roger died. I have known of A Severe Mercy for many years - but have not read it. I will definitely put it on my list for the summer.) Trips, house, the story of Roger's death, your work, my work, our families, our children . . . so many topics, so little time. (Your last note came at nearly 2:00 a.m. - how deeply and ruefully I can identify!) I must take the TASP test tomorrow morning at 8:00. Unfortunately, although I have a master's degree and 11 years of teaching experience, I do not have a teaching certificate, and I have to take the TASP test to continue course work on my teaching certificate (I'm taking 3 hours of independent study this summer on critical thinking which should be fun). A public school would never hire me, but private schools have a little more latitude. All to say, I must conclude. I'll leave you with a little Emily Dickinson (whose work I love so much I named a child after her . . .)

                                                 After great pain, a formal feeling


                                                             The Nerves sit ceremonious, like


                                               The stiff Heart questions was it He that


                                                            And Yesterday, or Centuries before?

                                              The feet, mechanical, go round-

                                                           Of Ground, or Air, or Ought

                                                                          A wooden way

                                                                         Regardless grown

                                             A quartz contentment, like a stone-

                                                          This is the Hour of Lead-

                                                          Remembered, if outlived,

                                                          As freezing persons, recollect the


                                                          First-Chill, then Stupor-then the

                                                                            Letting go-



                                                 Your Friend,  































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