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Mark to Sue 5, part 2

         Yes, our needs list is similar. I'm so short on rest - I think much of my outlook would significantly improve if that simple need could be met.

          Your paragraph concerning grieving and your girls' outlook sounds just like us. My kids seem to be soaring! That bit about "not missing a beat" has flashed through my mind a hundred times. They are remarkable and their resilience is an enigma to me. Once again, I chalk it up to God's grace. Trips!!! One of my worst nightmares. I've had to make four business trips and three family trips since Glenda's death. After trying to arrange for childcare for the first business trip, I decided that they would come with me. Fortunately these trips were art-related, and I could afford to appear eccentric - if you could consider bringing my children eccentric. As you know, the trigger work of planning and pulling off a trip as a single parent is monumental. I know your brief description was just a simplified glimpse of a chaotic experience. What time did you finally get to bed last night?

           I guess the Lord is in the process of removing our "anchors." Not that you'll loose your dad - it's just that He is, little by little, isolating us . . . lovingly and sometimes painfully forcing us to lean on nothing and no other but Christ. Where do your parents live? Are you planning to be there for his surgery?

           "Whole-brained" is a new term for me. I'm familiar with D, I, S, and C personalities - is there some relationship? I shoot baskets and do most things with my right hand, but I draw and write with my left hand. As a result, I've always thought both halves of my brain were active. Does that have anything to do with "whole-brained"?

            When you return, I hope the phone messages aren't too numerous, the pantry and the refrigerator are well-stocked enough to prevent a shopping trip, and that the dirty clothes pile isn't too big. The story about my painting, like your house move, can wait for another time. I'll enjoy sharing it with you. In the meantime, you can see Southwest Art, Sept. 1987 and American Artist, Aug. 1993, if a library is handy.

            It looks like I've hopped all over the map with this e-mail. Just a bunch of themes to be developed later. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

                                    Bye for now . . . .



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