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Mark to Sue 4, part 2

          I have three children, two boys ages 14 and 11, and a daughter who will soon be 6. My main job in life is to help these three grow into Godly men and women. I've learned something about single parenting through the death of someone unrelated to me. In that instance, the adult children of the surviving spouse realized that the "counter balance" in their family was gone when their father died. Each parent contributed something unique to the harmony of the entire family. When one was angry, the other wasn't. One was detailed and patient, the other was a quick decision maker and ready to move on. One parent's behavior exuded love toward certain members while the other parent rounded out the expression of love to others. With the father gone, the mother couldn't balance the family equation anymore. So I've concluded that I've got to do the "balancing" now by myself. Maybe it's not possible - but it's a goal I'm working on. With God's grace there will be balance, and the kids' critical needs can be met.

         Your adjustment of moving back into teaching was certainly massive. I know all too well that other changes have been massive, too. You have every reason to be discouraged, worried and depressed having to plunge into the role of breadwinner. Although I hope you would feel comfortable expressing those feelings to me - I detect none of that in you. I'm sure the Holy Spirit is using your spirit of acceptance in powerful ways.

         You didn't respond to my question about moving. That was a major decision and I'm curious how you made it.

         My profession? Well . . .








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