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Mark to Sue 2

Creek Bend

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Mark to Sue 2

Friday, March 7

Dear Sue:                                                                                          

            I was pleasantly surprised to find a response from you in the mail yesterday.   Iíve noticed a distinct bond with others who have lost a spouse, especially if it was a good marriage.  I donít know if I can give much encouragement, but Iíve done considerable thinking about life since Glendaís death.  I see God in a different way.  I understand Christís suffering a lot better.  But in much of this thinking, I feel awfully isolated.  Even the best of friends seem to ďfade outĒ at some point during a discussion.  Iíve learned that I will simply be alone with some of my thoughts because they are difficult to express and difficult to understand.

            What would be encouraging to me would be to have God tap me on the shoulder in a quiet moment late one night and audibly tell me that ďEverything is as it should be and I am pleased with the way you are doing things.Ē  Good friends have tried to say it, but it lacks authority and the authoritative answer is what I need.  Maybe the greater faith is going on, believing, without ever having such an answer.  Maybe thatís our calling.  What do you think?

In Christ,




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