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One Year Later:   Mark's First Letter to Sue

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One Year Later: Mark's First Letter to Sue

Thursday, February 20                                              

Dear Sue:

            While you don’t know me, we have a shared experience and some mutual friends in Barry & Jan Hays.  My wife died from cancer several years ago and  Barry and Jan were my shadow for the period following her passing.  During that time, I saw Barry grieve twice, once for my wife and again a month later for a friend in Dallas – your Roger.  During the past year and a half, Barry and I have cried through many lunch hours – but we grieve not as those who have no hope.  The comfort of his friendship has been a lifesaver for me. 

            Recently, the Hays gave me a copy of a letter and a picture of your family you sent them nearly a year ago.  They said your thoughts following your husband’s death were similar to mine, and that I might find some comfort in knowing “I’m not alone.”

            I don’t understand why your letter came my way – but I felt compelled to write and share a couple of things that encouraged me. 

            I’ve enclosed a copy of “The Hollyhocks” among other things.   I’ve received many cards and notes from people I do not know – all with kind words of encouragement.  Somehow the Lord has carried me through with all these bits of correspondence.  I think this is one way the Kingdom grows.  Since my wife’s death, a good friend of mine lost his wife to breast cancer and another friend’s husband died about 2 years ago.  All have children and all, by God’s grace, are finding their way.  I think of them often and if you don’t mind, I will add you to that list.


                                                                                    Mark  Stewart          


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