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Sue's Letter to Friends & Family, part 2

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Sue's Letter to Friends & Family, part 2

      Roger writes:  During the funeral I wondered how I would feel if someone else were in the coffin in front of me, someone I cared a lot more about.  Sorry, Mom and Dad, but you two were the first to ďgo inĒ.  I know this is strange, but in that moment my overwhelming emotion was one of pride in you two as people.  I canít possibly imagine my life with you being any better than it was.  I thank you and love you more than youíll ever know.  I looked around at all the people from my past who would be at your funerals, in body or in spirit, and I got the most incredibly warm feeling from that group of souls.

            Of course, there is no guarantee that you guys are going to be the next in line.  I put myself in the coffin.  One of the reasons for this letter is for you all to know, without a shadow of a doubt, if I should precede any or all of you to the other side, that I truly believe my own life must have equaled or exceeded any on this planet in terms of quality.

            No matter what happens in the future, no matter what I must endure, the beauty and magnificence of life on this earth in this country at this time with all the people, family and friends that I have shared the journey with so far . . . well, all I can say is ďThank you God for all our many blessings.Ē

            I approach death with absolute peace and no regrets.  Donít yaíll forget.

            As I type these words, tears are running down my face and I have a very dry feeling in my throat.  I donít believe this emotion is sadness or pain, but some blessing beyond both.  And Iím back to gratitude  . . . to my parents, to God and to you all.  Itís been great. 




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