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Limited Edition Gilcee Print Samples

Artists began making prints around the 15th century, and by the 17th century print-making had become a legitimate way to extend an original work of art to a broader constituency. The earliest method called for an artist to carve images he wished to reproduce into a block of wood, which was then coated with paint or ink and then pressed onto paper or cloth. Some artists, Rembrandt for example, began scratching or chemically etching images onto longer-lasting metal plates. By the late 18th century lithography was developed and as it was refined, artists like James Whistler, Henri Matisse, James Audibon, and Edward Hopper began using it to reproduce their original work.

Today artists archive original works by using high density digital scans carefully mastered to match the original. When these digital images are printed, the resulting work can be virtually indistinguishable from the original. This type of print, made with a sophisticated ink jet printer using archival inks and paper, is called a giclee print (pronounced g-clay). These fine art prints are made one at a time and then checked for accuracy by the artist. The value of limited edition giclee prints is established by the rigorous printing process and the limited number of prints produced, as well as the artist's reputation over time.

Our limited edition giclee prints are reproduced to these exacting standards. Just as Mark's original watercolor paintings present unique imagery, each giclee print edition is an extension of those original images that are now available for a broader constituency to enjoy. If you would like to experience the quality of these fine art prints please contact us (include a mailing address) and we will send you a free 3"x6" sample of a Mark Stewart limited edition giclee print.


3"x6" sample of Crazy Quilt
3"x6" sample of Pecan Quartet
3"x6" sample of Apple Light

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