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Episode 5

Dear Mark:                                                                                        

            Thank you for your note of encouragement.  I enjoyed reading the enclosures, especially “The Transplanted Hollyhocks.  I think you are very right, that the “bits of correspondence” from others are significantly comforting and “grow the Kingdom” (I like the way you put that). 

            I also appreciate your thoughts and prayers on behalf of my family.  We are floating on the tiny tip of an iceberg of prayer and in Heaven one day I’ll know the great volume of unknown prayer and goodwill that kept us afloat.

            It’s funny.  I have spent very little time with Barry and Jan.  But we’ve exchanged Christmas cards and kept up over the years.  I was so impressed with their calm, faithful response when their oldest son Richard lost his hearing.  No wonder he has turned out so well.  Barry exuded such generosity and gentleness at Roger’s funeral.   It probably didn’t seem like much to him at the time, but he was a deep source of comfort to me then and later, as the memories of those days would flood over me.  So I have an inkling of the kind of friend you have in him.

            I would be glad to share encouragement or be a single-parent sounding board if you have would like to exchange e-mails.  Thanks again for your note -- and take care.

                                                                        Sue Lindstrom


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