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Afternoon Watch

Stage 4:Window Panes & Reflections
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My main objective at this stage was to paint the glass surfaces. Cerulean Blue and Payne's Gray were applied and mixed with Sepia, Raw Umber, and Burnt Umber. I usually blend the watercolors on the pallet before applying them to the paper, but in this instance I would occasionally blend the watercolor directly on the damp paper. My objective for using these different color mixing methods was to create random variations in the color applications. I would frequently "pat" the wet watercolor with my fingers to further enhance those variations. All of this patting, dabbing and mixing of colors directly on the paper are techniques I use to create visual interest in the painted surface, and which will usually yield an image that is more consistent with reality. I kept the darker window pane color from physically touching the Cat's back, so that later I could carefully blend that edge to give it the appearance of a soft furry surface against the dark backdrop of the window.
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