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Afternoon Watch

Stage 3:Emerging Details
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After the initial watercolor applications were completely dry I began filling in the lower sections of the painting. The wall shadows cast by the azaleas were made by applying a mixture of Sepia with Cerulean Blue, and Sepia with Payne's Gray, with an occasional dab of Winsor Purple, into a lightly moistened paper surface. If the paint bled too much, I would blot it up with a tissue and rework it if necessary. I then began filling in the details around the blooms, applying watercolor to moistened and dry surfaces to produce a variation in colors and effects more faithful to the appearance of reality. One of the strong picture-making themes to which I ardently subscribe is the creation of variety and interest across the surface of the watercolor painting. This can be done with a composition which has moderate to strong variations in the overall composition, or it can be produced by creating variations in the watercolor paint applications.
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