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Afternoon Watch

Stage 1:Sketches & Initial Watercolor Washes
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All of our cats will at some point be found sitting on a window sill around our house. I suppose it gives them a dual vantage point, allowing them to scan their outdoor surrounds, while at the same time catching glimpses of their owners' indoor activities. This side of the house is Cinnamon's territory and the long shadows being cast by her and the windows caught my eye late one Spring afternoon.

I prepared a small pencil sketch, which is my usual way of studying the subject before beginning a watercolor painting. With the sketch I'm primarily analyzing and developing the overall composition, and in this instance the idea evolved from a horizontal composition in the sketch to a vertical composition in the watercolor painting.

Late afternoon light can produce complex shadows and highlights. Therefore my initial watercolor washes had to contain cool and warm colors, with the blues being placed in the darker shadow areas and the yellows and reds being applied to the sunlit surfaces.

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