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Room After Room

Mark Stewart escorts you step-by-step through the construction of “Room After Room”, the painting of an interior view of San Antonio's Mission Concepcion.

Room After Room: Intro
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The actual construction of a work of art is fascinating. Over the years, fans of Mark’s work have expressed an interest in how it all comes together. In this "In The Studio" sequence, Mark will personally escort you through his step-by-step construction of “Room After Room”, the painting of an interior view of the Mission Concepcion in San Antonio, which won the Judges Award of Merit in the 2005 Top 100 Arts for the Parks Exhibit.

Mark begins the “tour” by discussing another often-asked question “What qualities inspire you to paint one subject or scene over another?”

“Subjects for art (whether painting, poetry or music) often come from subtle sources. I think powerful themes can be found in the ordinary – if we are perceptive. Often times, ideas will pop in through the back door of our minds.

While exploring Mission Concepcion, I was impressed by the strong architectural forms and richness of the ancient detailing. But none of this sparked my artistic interest until I entered the convent and caught a glimpse of the series of visual sensations looking through doors of the three interconnecting friar’s quarters. This presented me with an exciting prospect. I felt that it could reveal a tale about this place that had never been told. The open ornamental doors, the strong late afternoon sunlight, and the muted stone walls were charged with atmosphere.”

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